Wedding marquee lit at night with festoon lights

Marquee Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Want to hire a marquee for a wedding or a party, but would like to know more? Read our FAQs, with 30 years of experience we’ve learnt a thing or two! Here is a selection of FAQ’s our clients often ask, which we hope will inform you about everything to do with hiring a marquee in Devon and Cornwall from Hine Marquees.

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Do you offer free, no-obligation site visits?

Yes, we always offer a free site visit, at a time to suit you. We use this opportunity to view your site and discuss your requirements in more detail. We also bring photos of our marquees and examples of several of our other products. Then we will produce an itemised Quotation for your perusal, including the suggested layout plans.

When do we need to confirm the booking?

We recommend that you confirm your booking at the earliest opportunity once you have a specific date, this will guarantee we have your choice of marquee available. Many people and organisations book their marquees over a year in advance.

How long does it take to put up a marquee?

We aim to have your marquee erected and ready one full day prior to your wedding or event in order to give access to your florist, caterers and other services so that they have the time required to get set up. The time we spend on-site will depend to a certain extent on the size of the event, its complexity and access. We will then return and remove it at the earliest convenient time after the event.

How long can we keep the marquee?

Most events occur over the weekend. Typically we will erect the marquee(s) on the previous Wednesday and or Thursday and remove them on Monday. However, if you require the marquee for an additional event we can work that into our program as well as erect the marquee a day sooner and take it down on an agreed day. This must be agreed upon booking.

If my guest numbers increase, how far in advance will I need to let you know?

We ask is that you let us know as soon as you know about any changes as it may mean changing your marquee size or adding on an additional module. We pride ourselves on being flexible in what we offer. We are aware that numbers might change and can adapt to meet your final requirements right up to the last minute.

What types of flooring are available?

For most events, we normally supply a carpet (choice of colours), which is laid and secured on a plastic membrane to prevent dampness. However, if you are holding a winter event and the ground is uneven, we will normally recommend you have a wooden floor laid on the ground first with a carpet secured on top.

Will a marquee damage my garden?

We are very careful from the moment we arrive on site not to damage your garden. We make every effort to ensure that all we leave, is an area of flattened grass. As the carpet will have been down for a couple of days, you will find that the lawn will be a little yellow but a good watering and a sunny day will ensure it will be as good as new within a week or so.

On warm days can the window walls be opened?

Yes, the marquees are very flexible. We provide one side of Georgian Window walls which are laced down the middle. These can be easily opened during the day and then in the evening they can be very quickly restored, similar to curtains.

On a cold day, will heaters keep the marquee warm enough?

Heater technology has advanced greatly in recent years, our indirect heating system, which is thermostatically controlled will keep the marquee(s) surprisingly warm even in the middle of winter. A heater, even in summer may be required, especially in the evening, however, this decision can be left until a couple of days before the event.

What is the difference between traditional and frame marquees?

A traditional marquee uses king poles to lift it majestically from the ground and is made from canvas. It has wall poles all around the edge and is secured by a network of guys and pulleys attached to stakes in the ground. A frame marquee does not require poles and is held in place via a series of trusses and purlins atop thick aluminium legs. They use PVC walls and roofs which are absolutely watertight.

If there is a storm, what will happen to the marquee?

Our British Made Multispan Marquees comply with British safety standards and are manufactured to a wind speed rating of up to 80mph. All the equipment meet the stringent British Fire Retardancy Standards. The marquees are erected by our experienced crew who will always be on call during your entire hire period in case it requires modifications due to any unexpected weather conditions.

Can marquees be used all year round for weddings?

Yes, there is no reason for marquees not to be used throughout the year, however, it is always wise to respect the weather and look at the site factors. If a site is particularly exposed to prevailing winds then it might not be suitable in Winter. We suggest that you only use a traditional marquee between late Spring and early Autumn.

Will we need a separate electricity source?

Lighting and heating require very little electricity which can normally be drawn from a nearby building/house.

However, depending on the catering requirements, a generator may be required. We would always recommend a second generator as a stand by unit due to the importance of a wedding day.

How is the marquee lit?

A variety of lighting effects are available. We include a chandelier as standard but can provide a range of lighting effects including colour changing LED entertainment lighting, fairy lighting or uplighters, all from our own stock.

What about access to water and toilet facilities?

Access to water is normally required for use by the caterer and if a luxury toilet trailer is required; however this can be as simple as running a hose from a local water supply.

We don’t own toilets but have many years experience so can make the arrangements on your behalf. If budget allows or weddings are in the colder months then it can be wise to have the toilet trailers housed within the marquee. This area can be a simply marquee roof or can be fully finished as an integrated part of the function area.

Can a marquee be erected on uneven ground, patio or hard standing?

Yes, subject to a site visit. In severe cases, scaffolding can be erected on slopes, and frame tents can be built on hardstanding using either water weights or concrete weights for ballast. Traditional marquees cannot be erected on hardstanding however and are not ideal on very uneven ground.

Can a marquee be connected to a building?

Yes, in most cases. We use connecting gutters which attach to the building but is always subject to our customers’ approval as drilling or nailing will be involved.

What about marquee decoration?

The standard finish for a wedding marquee is a matting floor, windows (Georgian is standard) with the option to upgrade to clear span panoramic windows, doors (optional extra), softly pleated ivory lining, lighting and heating. After that the additional decor opportunities are endless. We are also happy for clients to add their own extra decor such as lanterns, bunting etc

How do I know what size to order?

With over 30 years of experience in sizing wedding and event marquees, we always ensure there is enough room to accommodate all guests throughout the day/evening in case the weather is inclement and everyone is inside at all times.

Through discussions about guest numbers for both day and evening and an understanding of what the marquee is to be used for e.g. ceremony only; ceremony then drinks, dinner, dancing; dancing only, we can work out how much space will be required.

We would normally recommend that the dance area is kept clear throughout your event so that it can be used for the ceremony, or drinks reception, or buffet layout. Using the whole area for dining and clearing furniture for dinner afterwards can leave space very tight if the weather is particularly bad.

Is insurance included in the price and what does it cover?

The damage waiver of 5% of total agreed order is shown on the quotation.

Is insurance included in the price and what does it cover?

The damage waiver of 5% of total agreed order is shown on the quotation.

What types of windows are offered?

For both traditional marquees and clearspan we offer Georgian or Clear panoramic windows.

Do you offer marquee packages?

We encourage a package as we have a network of highly reputable suppliers whom we can depend on. With the package, there is the assurance of working within a timeframe to ensure everything is set up in readiness for the weekend.

What linings do you offer?

Ivory pleated.

What lighting do you offer?

Chandelier, paper shades, LED fairy lights, LED festoon, LED up lighters, outside festoon lighting, colours floodlighting. Take a look at our gallery examples of marquee lighting on offer

Can I rent furniture, decorations, cutlery and crockery through you?

Yes, visit our party equipment for marquee events for details

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges, we are transparent with all costs.

When is payment required?

We ask for 30% to confirm the booking, on agreement with the quotation, and the final balance due 4 weeks prior to the event.

What happens if the event has to be cancelled?

The Hirer shall be at liberty to terminate the contract of hire in writing to the Company on the following payment terms:

  1. If the cancellation occurs after the agreement to these Terms and Conditions of Hire but more than 28 days before the start date of the hire period, the Hirer shall be liable to pay the Company 50% of the total quoted cost of hire;
  2. If the cancellation occurs within 28 days of the start of the hire period, the Hirer shall be liable to pay the Company 100% of the total quoted cost of hire.