Wedding Marquee Hire in Devon and Cornwall

At Hine Marquees, we create magical, light and airy spaces for memorable marquee weddings across Devon and Cornwall where every wedding is special and unique. We can create a show-stopping wedding marquee to suit the simplest to the most spectacular and lavish weddings. We offer the swooping roof lines of a traditional marquee with its timeless silhouette as well as modern clear span frame marquees with clear roofs and sides, placing you in the heart of your scenery be it on a beautiful beach, or perhaps in a woodland grove.

Want your marquee in a challenging location? No problem – we have the expertise to deliver on all your expectations!

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Wedding marquee decorated with greenery and bunting

Create your dream wedding

Wedding marquees are like no other wedding venue as they give you the ability to customise your marquee to create a unique space for your wedding day. We can provide just the marquee, a blank canvas, or our family team can assist you every step of the way with everything required for your special day.

In addition to Marquee Hire, we offer a dazzling array of additional options, fixtures, and fittings to go with your marquee and the look you are after. Create a bespoke marquee by choosing from a range of interior linings, tables and chairs, dance floors, reveal curtains, bunting and lighting, as well as staging and PA systems. We can add on chill-out areas, service tents, entrance porches and bar furniture. we can organise all of that too.

With our 30 years of experience, we’ll guide you in selecting the best type of marquee according to the size of your guest list, the location and the space you envisage, customised to suit the style you desire for your big day Our flexible marquees are available in a host of different sizes and shapes to suit your expectations and budget. We’ll also make sure the interior suits your wedding plans, whether you are having a themed wedding or something classic in style.

We think of everything!

When you hire a wedding marquee from us, we don’t just turn up, give you your marquee and then leave, we bring your plans to life. We’ve worked with many brides and grooms over the years, to ensure they get their ideal wedding, so we have the experience to think of everything you might need, taking away the stress of planning a wedding. We will help turn your empty marquee into a gorgeous space with all the interior furnishing you might need. Hine Marquees will help you to hire the equipment and suggest our partner companies for such things as catering, flowers, toilets, lighting and power. We will provide you with layout plans to maximise the potential of the marquee for the best wedding ever!

There when you need us, from start to finish

We will do everything we can to make your wedding amazing.
When you choose to hire your wedding marquee from Hine Marquees, we will deliver, install, check and take down your marquee with the minimum of disruption. If you have ordered extra equipment we make sure it’s all delivered and installed. Working with partner services to ensure everything is working and onsite as expected. We limit our service area across the 2 counties to deliver the best service for the duration of your hire, on-call should you need us to make modifications, cope with unexpected changing weather, with spare marquees, staff, and vehicles.

Marquee Wedding Packages

Below are examples of Marquee wedding packages we offer at Hine Marquees as a guide to the size of marquee you may require. This will of course depend on the amount of internal space you require for your style of wedding. The required space is very much dependent on the layout and what you wish to incorporate within the function area such as the size and shape of your dining tables, a straight top table, buffet tables, larger bar area, stage area for a band and a chill-out area.

Hine marquee white logo

Small Wedding for up to 70 guests

With guest numbers around 70, and especially for weddings, it will probably be necessary to have a small catering area for service/clearing during the meal. The internal finish can be altered to suit the style and colour scheme.

  • 9m x 18m Clearspan Marquee
  • 9m x 15m Function Area c/w
  • Panoramic Window walls
  • Wooden Floor
  • Pleated Ivory Lining
  • Entrance Door
  • Emergency Exit Door
  • Chandelier Lighting (fully dimmable)
  • Heating Unit
  • 9m x 3m Kitchen Area c/w floor, lighting
  • Internal Power Distribution

Wedding for up to 120/130 guests

A wedding with guest numbers of around 120 will probably require a slightly larger catering area but this can depend on the type of meal being served and whether there is a plated starter or dessert needing laid out prior to service. Additional items may have to be considered such as space for a cake table, band and bar area.

  • 9m x 18m Clearspan Marquee
  • 9m x 15m Function Area c/w
  • Panoramic Window walls
  • Wooden Floor
  • Pleated Ivory Lining
  • Entrance Door
  • Emergency Exit Door
  • Chandelier Lighting (fully dimmable)
  • Heating Unit
  • 9m x 3m Kitchen Area c/w floor, lighting
  • Internal Power Distribution

Wedding for up to 150 guests

With additional guests arriving in the evening, you will require more floor space within the main marquee as well as slightly larger function and kitchen areas.

  • 12m x 24m Clearspan Marquee
  • 12m x 20m Function Area c/w
  • Panoramic Window walls
  • Wooden Floor
  • Pleated Ivory Lining
  • Entrance Door
  • Chandelier Lighting (fully dimmable)
  • Heating Unit
  • 12m x 5m Kitchen area c/w floor, lighting, door

Wedding for up to 200/250 guests

One of the advantages of Clearspan marquees for weddings is their flexibility when it comes to accommodating large numbers of guests.

  • 12m x 36M Clearspan Marquee
  • 12m x 30m Function Area c/w
  • Panoramic Window walls
  • Wooden Floor
  • Pleated Ivory Lining
  • Entrance Door c/w canopy
  • Chandelier Lighting (fully dimmable)
  • Heating Unit
  • 12m x 5m Kitchen Area c/w floor, lighting, door
  • Internal Power Distribution throughout

Additional Options

In addition to the wedding marquee packages above, we offer a range of additional options and equipment hire to enhance your marquee, bringing extra special touches to your wedding, making it unique.

Ideas for decorating a wedding marquee

Marquees and tents are large, vast spaces that are great for allowing you to create the exact look you want but it also means a lot of blank space to be filled. Here are some decorating ideas to consider, some of which we can help you with or suggest our recommended partners, others you can make or buy yourself.

Magical lighting

All marquees should feature stunning lighting that brings the space to life as the evening draws in. Festoon lighting can be draped overhead for a magical starlight canopy effect or entwined around the polls of a traditional marquee for a fairytale finish. Consider hiring carnival LOVE or MR & MRS letters, creating beautiful backdrops for the wedding photographs. Choose garlands of soft-glow lightbulbs strung around the perimeter of the marquee or between the poles.

Chandelier hanging from a marquee

Chandeliers and spotlights

Chandeliers provide an elegant focal point, particularly in a traditional marquee, with additional options for decoration,  or choose strategically placed spotlights to illuminate the marquee as you lose the glow from outside in your favourite colours.

Twinkling trees are a firm favourite when creating an enchanting atmosphere within your marquee and look stunning placed around the tables.

Floral display on wooden wedding barrel

Wooden barrels

Wooden barrels help create a rustic country-themed wedding. Perfect for a vintage look cake stand or used to create a makeshift wooden table for the bar. Hire old barrels and dot them around the marquee, decorated with candles and flowers, or use them for a seating plan or to hold slate signs. You can even add a picture of you and your soon-to-be spouse on top of the barrels for a romantic personal touch.

Colourful bunting decorating a marquee


A simple yet effective way of making your marquee wedding venue look oh-so-pretty. It’s a fab fit for a garden fete or floral wedding theme, and it looks stunning draped across the ceiling of the marquee.

For summertime receptions and rustic weddings, colourful bunting looks stunning draped across the ceiling of the marquee and is a quick and easy way to add interest to your marquee setting. Bunting is also a perfect way to harness your colour scheme; opt for a mixture of block colours and/or prints to break up the colour sequence.

Marquee chairs decorated with gold bows


Using lots of colour is key when decorating a marquee. For the table décor, why not place colourful flowers in terracotta pots, brass candlesticks and perhaps coloured jewelled glasses with tealights for a vibrant look. Tie matching bows to chairs. Finish the look by hanging colourful Indian and plain paper parasols from the ceiling.

Cream and yellow ceiling linings for marquees

Marquee Linings

Cover the marquee framework and roof section with spectacular and luxurious linings. Pleated linings have a beautiful traditional look, as the drapes of the pleated linings sit loosely against the marquee frame bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wedding. Flat linings give the marquee a contemporary feel where the lining sits tighter to the marquee frame for a more polished, minimal look and feel. 

Floral decoration hanging from marquee

Florals and greenery

Bring the beauty of the outdoors in with floral arrangements that complement your bouquet. From table centrepieces to suspended structures, the options are endless with flowers. A flower ceiling or wall will add a touch of luxury to proceedings. Greenery can also look magnificent as a theme throughout the marquee with ceiling centrepieces and table decoration.

Sashes, drapery and soft voile decoration for wedding marquee

Sashes, drapery and soft voile

Ethereal fabrics in muted tones that complement the colour of the marquee and your overall scheme, can deliver a beautiful look. Drape over the marquee lining on the ceiling and at the entrance, with perhaps fairy lighting underneath for a show-stopping finish and spell-binding glow, come dusk.

Paper lanterns hanging from marquee ceiling

Paper lanterns and pom poms

Paper lanterns are simple yet elegant and cost-effective, available in a variety of sizes and colours. Hang them at different heights for a beautiful decorative effect. They give your marquee the wow factor when guests walk in. Pom poms are a fantastic DIY option, which can be made from absolutely anything – tissue paper, colourful magazines, fabric, tulle, hang them from the ceiling or the poles – they look good absolutely everywhere!

Flower wall backdrop for wedding top table

Top table backdrop

A top table backdrop can inject some colour into a white marquee, and look fabulous in photographs. Ask your florist to bring in your ceremony arch as a backdrop. Or why not have a flower wall or wooden panels adorned with greenery, try a backdrop with colourful ribbon garlands, there are so many ways of creating a show-stopping backdrop.

Turquoise table centrepieces for marquees

Table centrepieces

Sometimes all you need are a few show-stopping table centrepieces to make your marquee wedding look incredible. Tall candelabra entwined with roses, greenery and trailing ivy look beautiful for a fairytale wedding day. Design the table numbers and the table names to match your colours and theme.

Pink and blue wedding balloons hanging from marquee roof


Balloons are longer just for children’s birthday parties the options are endless and so effective when incorporated into a marquee set-up too. Metallic finishes, confetti balloons and love letters are just some of the choices out there, all designed to give your wedding reception a luxurious touch.

Outdoor lighting a marquee wedding

Bring the garden to life

Marquees are often set in large open spaces with plenty of grass around. Why not make use of the space, set up some garden games to keep your guests entertained and mingling. Add stunning garden lighting for the evening, use furniture and barrel tables along with pendant banners to give a festival feel.

Wedding signs to decorate wedding marquee

Photos, signs and seating plans

Add personal touches to the marquee by installing photo displays of guests or family, or make a photo display of family members and friends who are no longer with you so they are remembered on your wedding day. Signs and seating plans can help hide the parts of the marquee you’re not too keen on and will help to reflect your wedding theme.  Pallets make great accessories and are perfect for making your own rustic signs.